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Robot pumps type RS / DSP

Robot pumps type RS / DSP

The Robot RS is the submersible pump with grinder application. The DSP is the new model with identical dimensions. Available in cast iron
Robot RS / DSP Grinder pumps are designed for applications where the volume of water does not allow the use of large bore discharge pipes. The submersible RS grinder pumps are suitable for submerged sewage and wastewater applications also industrial. The cutter pumps feature a closed motor housing, combined seal housing and bearing housing, and flexible rubber bellows for pressure compensation. Discharge pipes as small as 32mm can be used, as large solids are effectively cut into small particles that can be pumped through without risk of blocking. These pumps were often installed in tandem, thereby high heads are possible. This pumps are successfully applied in packaged pumping units and in pressure sewer systems for single house dewatering in areas where gravity sewage systems cannot be used or will to be too costly. Several pump stations can be connected to the same main discharge. The pumps in this range are available in cast iron and hard stainless steel cutter. Also several e-motor options are possible, such as thermo switches in stator windings, water detector in motor and oil chamber or Atex/Flameproof versions. For the installation options you can choose between a freestanding model including support with hose or threaded connection, a separate header coupling or a guide bar coupling. There are different sizes possible.
Robot pumps - type RS / DSP

Robot Pumps Service

Our service department is your contact for placing orders regarding to spare parts, signing in pumps for maintenance or questions regarding to malfunction of your pumps. We can also help with the installation of Robot Pumps delivered by Pompdirect or questions regarding the operation and maintenance manual from Robot Pumps.

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